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9 Mistakes to Avoid in a Personal Injury Accident

The roads and highways around Boca Raton, FL are some of the busiest in the nation. According to GeoTab, Florida is the country’s most dangerous state in terms of car accidents. As a driver at risk of being injured because of another driver’s negligence, it’s important to understand how to avoid the mistakes that could complicate your personal injury case. 

Mistake #1: Leaving the Scene Without Gathering Information

Don’t leave the scene without taking notes and pictures (from many different angles), and getting a copy of the police report generated at the scene of the accident. Read the report carefully for any inaccuracies. 

Mistake #2: Forgetting to Talk to Witnesses

If there are potential witnesses at the scene, talk to them and see if they will help you gather evidence. Record their names, contact info, and their account of what happened in the accident.

Mistake #3: Neglecting to Call the Police

Be aware that sometimes the at-fault party will try to convince you not to call the police. Don’t give in! Without a police report, proving your innocence might be more difficult.

Mistake #4: Admitting Fault

While it’s tempting to release tension after an accident by offering condolences to everyone involved, it’s wise to say as little as possible. Even saying “I’m sorry” to the other party could be used against you as a way to “prove” that you were at fault. That leads to the next point:

Mistake #5: Saying Too Much!

Because the other party might be trying to gather evidence that covers up their fault in the accident, saying too much can hurt you. Limit conversation to simply exchanging contact information and ensuring that everyone involved gets the medical attention that they need. In addition, after leaving the scene of the accident, don’t discuss your case or your medical treatments with anyone besides your attorney.

Mistake #6: Delaying Medical Attention

Even if you don’t think you are injured, it’s a good idea to get a professional medical opinion and to stay alert for signs of serious complications like spinal injuries, traumatic brain injuries, and more. According to The Mayo Clinic, neglecting to get prompt medical assistance for these kinds of injuries can put you at risk of even more severe injuries. It can also hurt your legal case!

Mistake #7: Signing Away Rights

A good rule of thumb is to not sign anything without consulting with your personal injury attorney first. Often, insurance adjusters or the other party might try to get you to unknowingly sign a release of liability.

Mistake #8: Giving Recorded Statements

Talk to your personal injury attorney first, otherwise your words can be used against you.

Mistake #9: Giving Up!

Even if a police report or the other party assigns blame to you, don’t neglect seeking help from a personal injury attorney. Police reports and personal accounts do not have the final word in your case, and you can often get the compensation you need and deserve by contacting a personal injury attorney as soon as possible!

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