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Slip and Fall Attorney in Boca Raton, FL

If you were recently injured in a slip and fall accident, our experienced slip and fall attorney in Boca Raton, Florida can help you receive your rightful compensation. Contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg, PLLC  at (561) 508-8800 for a free consultation on your slip and fall case. With the right assistance by our team of professionals, you will receive the compensation you’re entitled to including expenses on medical care, loss of income, physical and mental pain and suffering, etc. By contacting our law offices in Florida, you can discuss the specifics of your case to then determine the best course of action. 

Did You Recently Suffer From A Slip And Fall Accident In Boca Raton?

Accidents resulting from slipping, tripping, or stepping are some of the most frequently reported yet misunderstood categories of personal injury complaints. The stereotype denoting that slip and fall victims are simply looking to make easy money has been continuously spread by insurance companies. 

Slip and fall accidents result in more than 31,000 deaths every year. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reports that each year, falls result in the unintended passing of over 31,000 individuals – a number that is comparable to the annual number of fatalities due to motor vehicle accidents.

It is worrying that a large number of elderly people (65 and over) take a tumble each year in Boca Raton, which is a well-known retirement community. According to the CDC, a quarter of seniors have a fall every year, and for those who have already experienced a fall, the chance of it happening again doubles. 

Even when we look only at seniors, 2.8 million are brought to the emergency room on an annual basis due to injuries caused by a fall, and out of those, 800,000 will have to be hospitalized for a hip fracture or a head injury. Slip and fall accidents are the primary sources of traumatic brain injury. This information is significantly different from the humorous representation of these kinds of mishaps in comedy shows. Falls are one of the major causes of serious harm and even death in the United States.

Slip and Fall Attorneys in Boca Raton

For more than 25 years, the law offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg, PLLC have been advocating on behalf of those who have been hurt in incidents occurring on the property of private citizens, companies, and the government. These matters can be complex, as there is often a perception that falls won’t cause serious harm. Over the years, we have obtained millions in restitution for our customers, and due to our positive customer service and results, we have earned a stellar reputation among former customers, judges, insurance firms, and other legal professionals.

Explaining The Types of Falls That Lead to Injuries

Below you will find some statistics:

  • Almost a third of seniors experience a fall on a yearly basis, with slip and fall mishaps resulting in considerable harm for 20-30% of them. 
  • Falls are the primary origin of hip fractures and head traumas, and there are about 8 million visits to the ER due to falls each year, with around 12% of them being due to slipping and falling. 
  • When you slip and fall, there is a 5% likelihood that you will suffer a bone fracture.

Being aware of the different kinds of falls can make it easier to explain your injuries to your Boca Raton slip and fall lawyer in a detailed manner. This can be advantageous as it will enable your lawyer to plan your request for recompense more effectively.

There are different kinds of falls on the property of other people that can potentially cause harm, including:

  • Slip and Fall: When the ground is wet or slippery and there is no precautionary measure or warning, it can lead to slipping and falling. Such an event usually causes a person to be thrown backward and if their momentum is at a high level, they can sustain serious damage to their spinal cord, neck, hip, or head.
  • Trip and Fall: If merchandise or objects are left in walkways in an unorganized fashion or the flooring is damaged and not fixed in time, it can lead to tripping and falling. In this situation, the person usually falls forward and will use their knees and hands to break the impact. Hence, injuries to the face, wrists, knees, or hands might be seen.
  • Step and Fall: This type of accident occurs when somebody steps into a hole in the ground. When this happens, they stumble and fall, and can sustain harm to their ankles, face, wrists, head, or knees.

A slip and fall accident can occur at any time and in any location due to a variety of hazardous conditions, such as overcrowded floors, slippery or uneven surfaces, inadequate lighting, damaged paths and pavements, broken stairs, parking lot potholes, freshly mopped or waxed floors, loose boards, water on the floor from rain, crumpled or torn carpet, and missing stairwell railings.

If it is determined that the holder of the property is accountable for the hurt you experienced, you may be qualified to receive remuneration for the losses and harm you endured. Reach out to our Boca Raton personal injury lawyer right away to talk about what legal moves you can take.

Laws Regarding Slip and Fall Accidents in Boca Raton

Due to the constant fluctuations that take place in the legal system, it is of great importance to seek the advice of a well-versed Boca Raton slip and fall attorney. It is now more difficult to demonstrate fault in a slipping and falling case against a large corporation such as a retail shop, dining establishment, grocery, or any other type of business.

Understanding the rules concerning slips and falls in Boca Raton can be tricky in case you stumble and fall due to a liquid on the ground or an unseen substance on the floor that you were not aware of while you were looking at something on the shelf.

If you receive injuries due to a stumble, slip, or fall inside a Boca Raton commercial property, then the law of negligence will be applicable to your lawsuit. To demonstrate a premises or business proprietor’s negligence effectively, you must show that:

  • The property owner had a duty of care.
  • This responsibility was breached.
  • You (the plaintiff) were hurt.
  • The breach was the definite and nearby cause of your injuries.

It is undeniable that these four components are applicable for any kind of claim that is based on negligence, however, Boca Raton Law is more precise when it involves fall and trip accidents. According to the Florida laws, intentional misconduct is an act done by somebody with full knowledge that it is wrong and that it will likely cause injury or harm to someone else. Moreover, gross negligence in Florida is considered to be an activity that is so reckless or careless that it shows a clear disregard for the life, safety, and rights of people who can be hurt by it.

Statute of Limitations on Slip and Fall Claims in Florida

In Florida, legal action for slip and fall injuries is usually based on negligence, and a lawsuit must be filed within four years from the time of the incident. If the time limit is exceeded, the lawsuit will likely be rejected and this could reduce the chance of receiving a settlement from the insurance company. It is wise to consult with a lawyer immediately if you are not sure of this timeline, as there are some exceptions.

It is strongly suggested that you start your claim as soon as it is feasible. This is because documentation such as photos and videos can be misplaced, and witnesses may have relocated or not recollect the details of the incident. Moreover, other testimony may be inaccessible or simply vanish. Furthermore, actively pursuing your rights within an appropriate timeframe will display to both the adverse party and the court that you are taking the matter seriously.

Steps To Take After a Boca Raton Slip and Fall Injury

If you have been hurt while on another person’s land, you can take action to safeguard your rights and privileges.

  • It is absolutely essential to take care of your health and safety, so it is important to seek medical help as soon as possible. Doing so will allow for documentation of any harm that was incurred from the fall. 
  • It is also necessary to file a report with the property manager or owner in order to document your fall and the hazardous conditions that caused it. Make sure to also keep a copy of that report. 
  • If you are able to do so, take pictures of the hazardous conditions such as a loose floorboard, slippery surface, or broken stair that led to your injury. 
  • Ask for the contacts of people who could have witnessed the moment when the slip and fall accident happened.
  • Keep all bills and receipts of any medical costs due to your injuries.
  • In the event that you believe someone is responsible for your slip and fall, it is best to stay quiet until you get the chance to communicate with our Boca Raton slip and fall attorney. Insurance providers will typically attempt to contact you in order to convince you to accept a release or accept a sum of money that is insufficient. If this is the situation, politely deny their request to converse until you have consulted with a slip and fall attorney to review the details of your case.
  • Additional post-slip and fall steps to take incorporate keeping the garments you were wearing during the incident in a hermetically sealed bag, particularly if there are stains, tears, or some other marks on them. Keep the shoes as well, and abstain from wearing them until you communicate with a lawyer.

Proving Causation and Damages in a Boca Raton Slip and Fall Accident

Establishing that property owners have violated their duty of responsibility can be complicated, and insurance companies also put in a great deal of work to dispute the type and reason of a person who has fallen. Injured individuals can have an impact on the success of this kind of tactic. Seeking medical help right away can prevent an insurer from claiming that the plaintiff’s injuries were caused by a later accident instead of the fall.

Those who have been injured should take the initiative to get medical attention without delay, and to carry out any tests instructed by their doctor, such as X-rays, CT scans, MRIs, and other diagnostics. In addition, they should go to all doctor’s appointments and make sure they finish the entire prescribed treatment and rehabilitation, in order to prevent the insurance companies from making claims that the injury victims are exaggerating or making up the extent of their injuries.

Compensation Available in Boca Raton Slip and Fall Cases

The National Safety Council has reported that falls are one of the top three reasons for fatalities in the United States. If you or someone close to you has been injured or killed in a slip and fall incident, there is a likelihood that you can be eligible for financial and non-financial damages provided that you can demonstrate that the accident was due to negligence by a company, a property owner, or a governmental entity.

The amount of compensation you will receive as a result of your slip and fall injury will depend on the seriousness of your injuries. It is crucial to consult our Boca Raton slip and fall attorney for a more detailed assessment of your case. The economic damages you may be able to pursue include: 

  • lost wages; 
  • medical bills;
  • other expenses that are associated with your injuries.

It is possible that you may be able to receive non-monetary compensation if your injuries have a negative impact on your overall health and necessitate extensive medical care. These types of compensatory damages may include: 

  • disability;
  • diminished pleasure in life; 
  • anguish.

Preventing Slip and Fall Accidents in Boca Raton

Because of the large number of slips and falls that can result in serious injury, it is critical for property owners to comprehend their duty to guarantee that guests on their premises remain safe and that they take that duty with utmost importance. The following is a compilation of general maintenance suggestions to aid in decreasing accidents on their land.

  • Make sure there are no broken pieces on the tile or pavement that could cause someone to stumble.
  • Make sure the area is dry and post a sign if the surface is slippery or moist.
  • Clear out pathways of any debris.
  • Make sure there is enough lighting.
  • Check that stair railings are secure and that staircases are built according to regulations.
  • Prevent any unexpected changes in the floor level and if there is a step down or up, post a warning sign.
  • Secure any loose mats to the floor, making sure they are not curled up or likely to slide.
  • Property owners have many ways of making sure that patrons and visitors are kept safe. These include stores, eateries, governmental bodies which maintain public structures and walkways. Nevertheless, private home owners can be held accountable if someone is hurt in a fall on their land.

Contact a Boca Raton Slip and Fall Lawyer Near Me Today

In case you experience a slip and fall accident, it is essential that you seek medical care right away. Afterward, contact the Law Offices of Jeffrey A. Rosenberg, PLLC at (561) 508-8800 to speak with a slip and fall attorney in Boca Raton.

You deserve an attorney who will fully support you in safeguarding your rights and in obtaining the compensation you are entitled to. In a situation like this, where you have sustained an injury, time is of the essence. Allow our accomplished, client-oriented legal team to assist you in achieving the most favorable outcome!


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